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TFL approved fanlisting for the amazing game series that is, Final Fantasy - the crème de la crème of RPGs and a tour de force of the human imagination. I don't know why this series makes me use French expressions, but they all just seem so fitting, no? Final Fantasy is the epitome of fantastic and the very definition of epic - every adventure is fresh and new, you'll always find something to connect with and enjoy. From the stories that are so fully engaging to the characters that tug on heart-strings, there's simply no way to describe how inventive and enjoyable the series is in such a brief paragraph. Perhaps some exploring is in order?

This fanlistings was graciously adopted from the most amazing Irish friend a girl could ever ask for - the ubiquitous Emma! I could not be more enthused and honored to carry it on in her stead (and in retrospect, from another friend, Laura too) and I think the next move is naturally to hold a Final Fantasy inspired drinking game. Everyone take a shot whenever Squall says, "..." and we'll all be too trashed to do any actual celebrating. Oh, Squall, but we love you.