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You have stumbled upon zero sum, the TFL approved fanlisting for the amazing game, Twilight Princess - the latest installment in the renowned Legend of Zelda series and my personal favorite. Incredibly inventive, wildly entertaining and appropriately nostalgic, Twilight Princess takes everything classic and beloved of the Zelda series and adds a touch more fantasy and brilliance that sets it ahead of the curb. It is truly a work to be reveared

This fanlistings was graciously adopted from the amazing Emma and I could not be more honored to do so. As a long time friend and admirer, I can only hope to do even a smidgen of justice, comparatively. Emma has definitely made my day for the opportunity and I can't thank her enough.

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Not sure what a fanlisting is? That's okay! It's basically a list of people who support a certain subject: an actor, a specific type of clothing, callico cats, or, in this case, the video game for Wii and Gamecube, Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. If you're a fan of this amazing achievement in the video game industry, please don't hesitate to join! Do you want to familiarize yourself with the whole concept a bit more?

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