court is in secession!

You have found yourself in the prescence of the only reason to own a Nintendo DS - the Fanlisting Network and Anime Fanlisting approved FL for the wonderfully ecentric video game series that is Phoenix Wright (and all its delightful sequels and spinoffs). Do you love arguing for questionable reasons and vividly shouting "Objection!" at your screen? Do series about gay lawyers and their rivalry-esque love make your heart pitter-patter in excitment? You are not alone, fellow law-enamoured citizen. This series is beloved for these things and more - empassioned prosecuters and their whips, impossibly cheerful sidekicks, and law badges that serve little purpose other than being shiny!

This fanlistings was thankfully adopted from the amazing Sophie (and her proverbial partner-in-crime, Emma) and I could not be more ecstatic to be able to share in that legacy. I'm terribly honored and will never be able to thank them enough!